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Get up to the minute news, tips, insider information and real life stories from the life settlement market. If you're looking for more, request a free personal consultation from the market leader.
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Rebuttals to the “Direct Buyer” Model for Life Settlements

Posted: June 01, 2020 by John Welcom

Most professional advisors who explore the potential sale of an unwanted life insurance policy on behalf of their clients will rely on the assistance of a licensed life settlement broker. Li...


The Power of a Life Settlement Auction

Posted: April 15, 2020 by John Welcom

Professional advisors with clients who no longer need or wish to maintain a life insurance policy have options when exploring the secondary market.  Many advisors prudently rely on a licensed life settlement broker to assist them in the sale of the ...


Understanding the Fair Market Value of a Life Insurance Policy

Posted: April 01, 2020 by John Welcom

When a professional advisor identifies a life insurance policy that a client no longer needs or wishes to maintain, he should ask, as standard protocol, whether that policy may have value in...


How to Get the Highest Life Settlement Offer

Posted: March 16, 2020 by John Welcom

When you decide to sell a valuable personal asset, you usually want to obtain the highest purchase price for that property. It is sound business sense. However, how do you truly know when you have reached the point of accepting and securing the mos...


What is the Most Suitable Exit Strategy for Life Insurance?

Posted: March 02, 2020 by John Welcom

All eyes in the life insurance agency and the financial advisory world have been on New York, where in the summer of 2019, the New York State Supreme Court paved the way for implementation o...


Suitability of Life Settlements

Posted: February 14, 2020 by John Welcom

Traditionally, estate planning advisors counsel their high net worth clients to obtain life insurance policies with large death benefits. The strategy is simple: create a vehicle for heirs to receive tax-free income at the time of an insured’s pass...


Direct Life Settlement Buyers vs. Welcome Funds – Advisor Beware!

Posted: February 03, 2020 by John Welcom

Welcome Funds has the privilege of working with numerous financial advisors and wealth managers – and have done so for two decades – some who exclusively focus on servicing high net wort...


Would You Rather? $4,743,000 or $275,485

Posted: January 15, 2020 by John Welcom

Mr. Williams purchased $10 Million in life insurance coverage in 2001 to provide his family with financial security. Over time, his financial priorities changed: his wife passed away, his children became financially independent, financial burdens a...