Life Settlement Advisor Education

As one of the nation's most experienced life settlement brokerages, Welcome Funds has built a reputation as an industry leader and a trusted representative of financial and insurance professionals and their clients.

Life insurance is no longer solely a financial security blanket for beneficiaries - it is a valuable asset for policyholders. Life settlements have opened a new avenue to financial freedom. To properly capitalize on this opportunity, a reputable and knowledgeable broker is needed to navigate the complex secondary market and to maximize the policy's worth. We put our resources and expertise to work to deliver policyholders and their financial representatives a valuable advantage.

Through extensive research and careful regulatory compliance, Welcome Funds ensures a best execution approach for life settlements coupled with strict adherence to state and federal regulations and all applicable laws. Our customer service, comprehensive policy analysis, management and training programs are unparalleled.

With a trusted partner like Welcome Funds on your team, the power to accomplish the objectives and financial goals of your clients lies in your hands - you and your clients deserve nothing less.

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