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User privacy and data security are crucial in today's internet landscape with hacking and phishing constantly on the rise. That is why our website employs a Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) Certificate, ensuring that all your information is protected. The "https" prefix and the padlock symbol indicate that our website has software that encrypts all information coming and going from our site.

Our SSL Certificate Provider,, outlines the process below:

  • The visitor's browser requests a secure session from the server on which the website is stored.
  • The server responds by sending the visitor's browser a digital copy of its server certificate.
  • The visitor's browser verifies that the server's certificate is valid, is being used by the website for which it was issued, and has been issued by a Certificate Authority that the browser trusts.
  • If the certificate is validated, the browser generates a one-time "session" key and encrypts it with the server's public key.
  • The visitor's browser sends the encrypted session key to the server so that both server and browser have a copy.
  • The server decrypts the session key using its private key.
  • The SSL "handshake" process is complete, and a secure connection has been established.
  • A padlock icon and "https://" prefix appear in the visitor's browser bar, indicating that a secure session is under way.

For more information about SSL certificates, please visit Go Daddy's Technical Brief.

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