Unlock the Value of Your Client's Life Insurance Policy

Welcome Funds is a leading national life settlement broker that has been serving financial advisors, broker-dealers, insurance agents, and national accounts for over 24 years. Our team of dedicated life settlement professionals has negotiated over 35,000 life settlement offers through our National Funding Network. This network consists of the top licensed buyers in the market, ensuring the best life settlement offers from the most qualified buyers.

A life settlement auction is a process that involves the assistance of experienced professionals who can navigate the market and negotiate with qualified buyers interested in purchasing a life insurance policy. The auction format is designed to simplify the bidding process, making it easier for buyers to compete and for your client to receive the highest possible life settlement offer.

It is essential to note that buyers have different interests, price points, and objectives, which can result in a wide range of offers. With our life settlement auction process, we are confident that we can help you provide your clients with the best possible life settlement offer.

Do not leave the sale of your client's life insurance policy up to chance. Contact our team of professionals to learn more about how our life settlement auction process can benefit you and your clients.

Qualifying Candidates:

  • Insureds ages 65+ with health impairments
  • UL & Conv. Term are ideal. (All policy types considered)
  • Minimum face value of $100,000

  • To get started all you need to do is simply submit the follow:

  • Insured D.O.B
  • Health Profile
  • Illustration to Maturity


    Free Case Evaluation: Determine the Potential Value

    Take advantage of our complimentary case evaluation to gain valuable insights into the feasibility of a life settlement. Our expert team will assess your client's life insurance policy in the secondary market and provide an estimate of its potential value.

    Expert Guidance Throughout the Life Settlement Process

    Our experienced team is dedicated to providing expert guidance at every step of the life settlement process. We will work closely with you and your client, addressing any questions or concerns to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

    Access to the Market: Connecting with Potential Buyers

    Benefit from our established relationships with state-licensed financial institutions actively participating in the life settlement market. We have the connections and resources to connect your client's life insurance policy with potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of securing the best possible life settlement offer.

    Client Confidentiality: Privacy and Compliance

    At Welcome Funds, client confidentiality is our top priority. Rest assured that all information shared with us is treated with the utmost privacy and handled in strict compliance with industry regulations.

    Partner with Welcome Funds today to unlock the hidden value in your client's life insurance policies.

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