Life Settlement Application By State

A life settlement application is a formal request to sell an existing life insurance policy for a lump sum cash payment. The purpose of a life settlement application is to allow policy owners to access the true value of their life insurance policy before it matures or before the insured person passes away. This can be useful for seniors who no longer need or can not afford their life insurance policy, or for those who are facing financial difficulties and need to access cash quickly.

Please select the state of residence of the Policy Owner and click to download our life settlement forms. If the Policy Owner is a Trust, then be sure to select the state in which the Trust is officially domiciled. It is imperative to use the proper state forms as disclosures vary by state and the transaction will be governed according to state viatical settlements or life settlement law in the Policy Owner's home state.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Welcome Funds at 877.227.4484 for a complimentary Life Settlement Consultation or you can find out if you qualify for a life settlement using our FREE Life Settlement Qualifier - it's fast, easy and there are no obligations at any time.

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