What Is A Life Settlement?

A Life Settlement is a financial transaction that enables qualified life insurance policy owners to receive a cash advance on their life insurance coverage by selling it to a state licensed financial institution called a life settlement provider. The sale of an in-force life insurance policy is similar to the sale of a home or car - all rights, title, and beneficial interest in the life insurance policy are transferred to the buyer who then becomes responsible for all future premium payments. The price paid for the life insurance policy represents the net present value of the policy which is discounted from the face amount and calculated by considering the future premium expenses, health prognosis of the insured, as well as other risk factors.

These financial institutions act as life settlement buyers in a regulated secondary market that developed due to the limited options available to consumers when life insurance coverage is no longer needed or affordable. Life Settlements give policy owners a better choice when previously the only available options were to lapse, cancel or surrender their life insurance policy back to the life insurance carrier for a minimal cash value. Now, just like most other personal assets, life insurance policies can be sold for a fair market value.

The life settlement option allows policy owners to use the proceeds of the sale of their life insurance policy to help pay for medical bills, living expenses, or anything else they choose. If you would like to find out if you or your loved one qualifies for a viatical or life settlement, please complete our Quick Life Settlement Qualifier. Our process is confidential and there is no obligation at any time.

Sell Your Life Insurance policy