With Option A, also known as Option 1, the net death benefit remains fixed for the duration of the life insurance policy, provided that the policyholder pays the required premium amount on time. As the accumulated account value of the policy increases over time, the net amount of insurance at risk decreases accordingly.

This type of death benefit payout option is popular among policyholders who prefer a predictable payout that is not dependent on investment performance. By opting for Option A Level Death Benefit, policyholders can ensure that their beneficiaries receive a specific amount of money upon their passing.

It is worth noting that while the death benefit payout remains fixed under Option A, the cash value of the policy may still vary based on the policy's investment performance. However, this will not affect the death benefit payout amount.

In summary, Option A Level Death Benefit is a straightforward death benefit payout option that provides policyholders with a fixed payout amount for the duration of their policy, provided that they pay the required premiums.

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