A viatical settlement is a financial transaction in which a terminally ill policyholder sells their life insurance policy to a third party for a lump sum of cash. The buyer of the policy then assumes responsibility for paying the premiums and collecting the death benefit when the insured person dies.

How do Viatical Settlements Work?

To sell a life insurance policy through a viatical settlement, the policyholder must first obtain a quote from a viatical settlement broker. The broker will assess the value of the policy based on factors such as the insured person's age, health, and life insurance policy.

If the policyholder is satisfied with the quote, they can then sell their policy to the viatical settlement company. The company will then pay the policyholder a lump sum of cash, and they will assume responsibility for paying the premiums on the policy.

Are Viatical Settlements Regulated?

When it comes to viatical settlements, regulatory compliance is essential. Welcome Funds adheres to all state regulations and is authorized by the Department of Insurance to represent life insurance policyholders. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that we meet the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

What are the benefits of selling a life insurance policy through a Viatical Settlement?

There are several benefits to selling a life insurance policy through a viatical settlement. These benefits include:

  • Financial assistance: The proceeds from the sale of the life insurance policy can be used to pay for medical bills, living expenses, or anything else the policyholder needs.
  • Peace of mind: Selling a life insurance policy can provide peace of mind for terminally ill people and their families. Knowing that the policyholder's financial needs will be taken care of can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Efficiency: The viatical settlement process can be completed quickly and efficiently. This can be helpful for terminally ill people who need financial assistance quickly.

Welcome Funds - Your Trusted Viatical Settlement Broker

Welcome Funds is a leading viatical settlement broker with over 23 years of experience. We understand that life can bring unexpected challenges. If you are a life insurance policy owner seeking financial assistance, a viatical settlement might be the solution you need.

Ready to explore the possibilities of a viatical settlement?

Determining your eligibility for a viatical settlement is fast, easy, and free with Welcome Funds. Complete our free Viatical Settlement Qualifier or call us toll-free at 877.227.4484 to speak with a dedicated Client Care Advocate. Welcome Funds is committed to helping you make informed decisions and securing the best offer for your life insurance policy.

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