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Than Cash Surrender Value
Your life insurance policy may be worth more than the cash surrender value. So, don't surrender it until you've checked with Welcome Funds. Find out if the life settlement option is right for you.


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All life insurance policy owner's who own cash value life insurance policies (universal life, variable life, or whole life) have the right to terminate their life insurance coverage in exchange for the policy's cash surrender value or other non-forfeiture values. The surrender amount due to the policy owner is paid by the life insurance carrier and may be taxable. Surrendering a policy will end the life insurance coverage and terminate all rights and riders in the contract. Before you surrender a life insurance policy, it is very important to consider all of your alternatives.

An Alternative to a Surrender of a life Insurance Policy

One alternative that may be beneficial to qualified policyholders is selling a policy for more than the cash surrender value. This option is called a life settlement. Qualified policyholders over the age of 65 or who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, may be eligible for a cash offer from the life settlement option. A life settlement allows policyholders to access a secondary market for life insurance policies where state authorized financial institutions compete to purchase policies as an investment vehicle.

Welcome Funds is Licensed to Help Policy Holders Sell Their Life Insurance Coverage

Welcome Funds has been helping policyholders secure cash offers from the secondary market for life insurance since 2000. We are authorized throughout the nation to represent life insurance consumers as their life settlement broker. Welcome Funds will submit your policy to our auction platform where state authorized buyers compete to purchase life insurance policies for the highest cash offer. Our clients have been paid more than $700 Million higher than the cash surrender value offered by the life insurance company.

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