A life settlement provider is a company that is licensed by the Department of Insurance to purchase life insurance policies through life settlement transactions. Life settlement providers may purchase policies for their own account or on behalf of institutional investors or financing entity clients. Most states require a life settlement provider to obtain a license, abide by life settlement regulations, and have purchase contracts approved prior to accepting policies for review to offer or purchase. The state of residence or domicile of the policy owner determines the state jurisdiction for proper licensing purposes.

About Welcome Funds Life Settlement Provider Network

Welcome Funds has been negotiating offers from life settlement providers since 2000. We are the largest life settlement broker in the U.S & have negotiated over 32,000 life settlement offers on behalf of policyholders. By choosing Welcome Funds, you will have a network of state licensed life settlement providers competing to purchase your life insurance policy for the highest offer. Find out if you, your loved one, or your client is eligible for a life settlement - it's fast, easy & FREE...and there are no obligations.

Welcome Funds Represents You!

Founded in 2000, Welcome Funds is a nationally licensed life settlement broker that represents policy owners who want to sell their life insurance policy in the secondary market. Our institutional life insurance buyers compete in an auction bidding process to ensure that we secure the highest offer from the life settlement market. We've negotiated over 32,000 offers and provided more than $1 Billion in sales proceeds to our clients. Please review our website to learn more about how we can provide professional representation and expert advice on selling your life insurance policy.

  • It's Absolutely FREE to Find Out if You or Your Loved One Is Eligible to Sell A Life Insurance Policy
  • There's No Obligation at Any Time
  • Our Life Settlement Qualification Process is Completely Confidential
  • We Provide a FREE Personal Consultation & Appraisal

Complete our Quick Life Settlement Qualifier or call us toll-free at 1.877.227.4484 to speak with a Client Care Advocate.

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