A life expectancy is the average number of years (or months) that a person is expected to live based on statistical data and/or underwriting judgment. A life expectancy cannot be precisely determined for any specific individual. An independent life expectancy underwriting is conducted by considering the age, gender, lifestyle, and medical records of an individual.

This underwriting results in a mortality rating for the individual which is then applied to the base mortality table for that individual based on age, gender, and smoking status. The higher the mortality rating, or mortality multiplier, the lower the life expectancy. A mortality rating of 100% refers to a standard rating or average person in good health.


Life expectancy estimates or "LEs" are issued as part of a mortality report prepared by a third-party life expectancy underwriter and are required during the life settlement process.

These 4 companies that commonly issue life expectancy reports in the life settlement industry:

  • 21st Services, LLC
  • AVS Underwriting, LLC
  • Fasano & Associates, LLC
  • Examination Management Services, Inc.

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