Life insurance illustration is a tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of a life insurance policy's current and guaranteed values, as well as an estimation of its future performance based on certain assumptions stipulated in the life insurance policy. Policyholders and financial planners rely on these illustrations to forecast future premium payments and policy values.

An insurance illustration is also important in the viatical and life settlement industry, as it is as the basis for pricing a life insurance policy for a client. Through an insurance illustration, we can determine the policy's fair market value, the amount the policyholder will receive if they decide to sell their life insurance policy.

Important note: an insurance illustration is just an estimation and not guarantee of future values. The actual policy values can differ from the projected values due to various factors such as changes in interest rates, policyholder's health, and other unforeseen events.

Overall, an insurance illustration is a valuable tool that enables policyholders, financial planners, and life settlement brokers to make informed decisions about life insurance policies. To sum up, it helps to understand the policy's current and future values, including potential risks and rewards..

Is Selling Your Life Insurance Policy an Option?

Selling your life insurance policy is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. But how can you be sure that you will receive the best offer? The traditional approach of applying to every licensed buyer in your state, which could be 10-35 different companies, is time-consuming and uncertain. Moreover, many direct buyers primarily focus on representing their investors and may not have your best interest in mind.

At Welcome Funds, we understand the challenges policy owners face. That is why we have taken steps to level the playing field. Our innovative approach involves conducting an auction with multiple buyers on your behalf. With just one application, you can access a network of buyers actively competing to provide you with the best offer for your life insurance policy. We call this process "Life Settlements. Simplified."

By leveraging our industry life settlement expertise and established relationships with reputable and licensed buyers, we ensure you receive the best possible offer for your life insurance policy. You can trust Welcome Funds to navigate the complexities of selling your life insurance policy and help you achieve the optimal outcome.

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Sell Your Life Insurance policy