A financing entity refers to a company that offers capital to viatical or life settlement providers specifically for the purpose of acquiring life insurance policies as investments. These financing entities play a crucial role in facilitating the purchase of life insurance policies within the viatical and life settlement market.

By providing capital to viatical and life settlement providers, financing entities enable these providers to acquire life insurance policies from policyholders. This arrangement allows policyholders to receive a lump sum payment in exchange for transferring their life insurance policies. The financing entity, in turn, becomes the beneficiary of these policies and assumes the potential payout upon the insured individual's passing.

It is worth noting that financing entities are often classified as institutional investors due to their involvement in financing viatical and life settlement transactions. As institutional investors, they contribute capital to these specialized markets, seeking financial returns based on the future policy payouts.

In summary, a financing entity acts as a capital provider for viatical and life settlement investments, enabling the acquisition of life insurance policies by viatical and life settlement providers. This arrangement offers an avenue for policyholders to access immediate funds while providing the financing entity with investment opportunities within the life insurance market.

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