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Is Lou Gehrig's Disease
Causing A Financial Burden?
Welcome Funds helps Lou Gehrig's Disease patients convert life insurance benefits into cash for a personal health care fund. There are no costs or obligations to find out if you qualify.


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A New Financial Option for Lou Gehrig's Disease Patients

Finding out that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease is a life-altering event. During this time, having access to the best medical treatment should be the only concern, but as we all know, life is not that simple. Many ALS patients quickly find out that health insurance does not cover 100% of the costs for ALS treatments or for drugs like Rilutek. Health insurance co-pays, high deductibles and annual prescription caps often force patients and their families to seek alternative funding options. You and your family may consider using your home as collateral for a loan or selling off your much-loved assets to make up for lost income. Patient Assistance from Lou Gehrig's Disease Service Organizations is another option, but there are often program limitations such as family income thresholds and annual caps on grants.

If you or your loved one is in this difficult situation, Welcome Funds may have a solution. We help ALS patients and their families relieve financial stress by converting their life insurance benefits into a lump sum cash payment that can be used as a personal health care fund. This service is an alternative funding option for those who do not qualify for accelerated death benefits or patient assistance programs. The settlement is often used to subsidize ALS treatments, out of pocket costs for medications or any other personal expenses.

In order to be eligible for our program, the patient must be the insured person with a minimum life insurance benefit of $50,000. This service is not a loan, there are no income or credit score requirements and the settlement proceeds may be tax free to qualified patients.

Founded in 2000, Welcome Funds has helped thousands of Americans qualify for a life insurance settlement. We are licensed throughout the nation to offer this financial option to policyholders and have provided more than $400 Million in settlement proceeds to our clients.

A Client Care Advocate is available to help you understand your options and determine if our life insurance settlement program can relieve financial pressures caused by the high costs of Lou Gehrig's Disease.

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  • There is no obligation to accept an offer
  • Our consultation & qualification process is completely confidential
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