Welcome Funds has the privilege of working with numerous financial advisors and wealth managers – and have done so for two decades – some who exclusively focus on servicing high net worth clients. One such advisor who is active in the life settlement market — and already understands the value he can create for his clients — had historically negotiated directly with two or three leading buyers of life insurance policies. He thought that simply engaging with more than one buyer was enough of a market channel check to provide a good barometer of the life insurance policy’s value.

Each time we engaged this advisor in conversation about the benefit of working with a licensed life settlement broker, he confidently stated that all life settlement providers are essentially the same and that there is ample, inherent competition in the market to ensure fair life settlement offers for his clients’ policies. After a few years of ongoing discussions with our Welcome Funds team, he finally agreed to give us an opportunity to show him what we could do and he shared two cases with us that he had already taken directly to buyers.

When Buyers Compete, Policy Owners Win! 

Jerry purchased a $500,000 Universal Life policy seven years ago to provide his wife with “peace of mind.” Unfortunately, he could no longer afford the premium payments and contemplated letting the policy go. Jerry’s wife saw a TV commercial from a direct buyer, called a life settlement provider, about selling a life insurance policy for cash. Jerry decided to call the direct buyer and after waiting several months, he was offered $30,000 for his policy. Jerry was skeptical and thought the purchase price was low given his age and health history. He then contacted Welcome Funds, “just to be sure.” Welcome Funds conducted a transparent auction securing a total of 10 offers. In the end, Jerry and his wife received a check for $100,000, 233% more than the offer from the direct buyer!

Policy's Insured

Male | Age 78

Health Status


Policy Type

Universal Life

Face Amount


Annual Premium


Surrender Value



Life Settlement Payout.... $100,000




Do You Have a Life Settlement Offer Already?
Verify if that offer is a FAIR PRICE!



Introducing the Life Settlement Double Check! A new offer verification service that will confirm if a life insurance consumer has received a fair and competitive price from a Direct Buyer for the sale of their life insurance policy.

You probably don't know what the fair market value of your life insurance policy is, but we do! Welcome Funds negotiates thousands of life settlement offers annually with the leading buyers in the market and averages 10+ bids for each closing. We will compare your offer to hundreds of other transactions to verify your policy's competitive market value. Don't accept a bid from a direct buyer until you've verified that it's a fair market value. Your policy may be as valuable as your home, so make sure you sell it for the RIGHT PRICE!

The Life Settlement Double Check! is an offer verification service from Welcome Funds that helps consumers confirm that a fair and competitive price was secured for the sale of their life insurance policy.

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